Compass Rose

Site overview: This site is located off the Yorkshire coast, approximately 30km offshore in the North East of England, and is around 50m deep. The site is a really important spawning ground for plaice during December to March, for herring from August to October, for lemon sole from April to September, for sandeels from November to February, and for sprat from May to August. As well as being a spawning ground, this site is also a nursery ground for cod, whiting, lemon sole, sandeel and sprat.

At risk:  ! This site is at risk, it currently is not designated as a Marine Protected Area - but should be. Decision makers in England will determine in 2017 if the site should be protected, make sure your voice is heard. Take action to ensure this site becomes a properly protected area.

Designation Status
Last Updated
6 June 2017
MPA Type
Marine Conservation Zone
MPA Purpose
to protect nationally important marine wildlife, habitats, geology and geomorphology


54° 29' 34" North,
0° 15' 28" East

Surface Area

551.55 km2
(212.95 mi.2 )


102.82 km
(63.89 mi.)

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