Shiant East Bank NCMPA

Status: Proposed


Site overview

This site includes an area of shelf banks and mounds in the North Minch that are shaped by strong currents moving the sediments here. The bank is important for animals which live in sandy environments such as worms, bivalve molluscs and mobile crustaceans. Larger fish come here to feed on these smaller animals. Sea fans and sponges live on the rocky seabed within the site. The north of this site includes an important geological feature, the Quaternary of Scotland, which has been made by repeated glacial formations over at least the last 500,000 years.

At risk This site has not been designated as a Marine Protected Area, but it should be! The Scottish government must designate this area and protect the wildlife that lives here.

MPA Type

Nature Conservation Marine Protected Area

Nature Conservation Marine Protected Areas (NCMPAs) are designated under UK legislation (Marine Scotland Act 2010) and have been established around Scotland to contribute to the UK MPA network by protecting a range of important habitats, species and features of the seabed.

Surface Area

307.90 km2 (118.88 mi.2)

Did you know?…

Over half a million people have voiced their support for ‘marine protected area’ designation in the UK through our campaigns

To the shelf limits, Scotland has 61% of UK waters, of which 23% are now in existing or new ‘marine protected areas’

An area over 9 times the size of Wales is now in marine protected areas in the UK, but less than 1% is considered by MCS scientists to be well managed