Rosemary Bank Seamount

Site overview: This site is in the deep waters off western Scotland, north-east of the Rockall Trough. It is actually an extinct volcano which towers over 1,000 meters above the seafloor, and is one of only three seamounts present in Scotland’s seas. This is a hotspot for marine life and significant to the health of Scotland’s seas because of the way it influences underwater currents that bring valuable nutrients to the region. It is a nursery and feeding area for several types of fish such orange roughy and blue ling. Deep-sea sponge aggregations and cold water corals are also found here. In fact around 88 million sponges may be present in the area and they are in largely a pristine condition. The occasional sperm and pilot whale also swims through.

Designation Status
Last Updated
6 June 2017
MPA Type
Nature Conservation Marine Protected Area
MPA Purpose
This complements the MPA power introduced through the Marine and Coastal Access Act for offshore waters around Scotland. The Act also allows the Scottish Ministers to designate MPAs for demonstration and research and for historic/cultural conservation.


59° 13' 30" North,
10° 3' 10" West

Surface Area

6,934.19 km2
(2,677.31 mi.2 )

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