Mousa to Boddam

Site overview: This is a really important area for sandeels, as well as being a known spawning ground for fish. Sandeels can grow up to 30cm long and swim together in shoals. Many other types of fish and seabirds, dolphins and even whales feed on these sandeels. There is also a Special Area of Conservation here, a type of Marine Protected Area, designated to protect seabirds, seals and reefs.
At risk: Whilst it is good that this site has been designated, the boundaries for the site are not sufficient as acoustic data indicates the distribution of suitable sandeel habitat ranges beyond them. Historic data also indicates that this is the case.

Designation Status
Last Updated
6 June 2017
MPA Type
Nature Conservation Marine Protected Area
MPA Purpose
This complements the MPA power introduced through the Marine and Coastal Access Act for offshore waters around Scotland. The Act also allows the Scottish Ministers to designate MPAs for demonstration and research and for historic/cultural conservation.


59° 59' 58" North,
1° 10' 36" West

Surface Area

6.52 km2
(2.52 mi.2 )

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