Fetlar to Haroldswick

Site overview: This area is located where the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet and is home to a really diverse array of animals and plants, including maerl and mussel beds, and many types of kelp and seaweed. Over 2,000 breeding pairs of black guillemots feed here. The site partially overlaps the seaward area of the Fetlar Special Protection Area, another type of Marine Protected Area. This site is designated for various breeding birds including Arctic tern, Arctic skua and northern fulmar.
At risk:
The maerl beds and horse mussel beds here are highly sensitive to certain types of fishing which rake up the seabed. Management measures need to be in place here which not only allow the area to recover, but also to reverse some of these historic impacts.

Designation Status
Last Updated
6 June 2017
MPA Type
Nature Conservation Marine Protected Area
MPA Purpose
This complements the MPA power introduced through the Marine and Coastal Access Act for offshore waters around Scotland. The Act also allows the Scottish Ministers to designate MPAs for demonstration and research and for historic/cultural conservation.


60° 38' 15" North,
0° 51' 48" West

Surface Area

215.64 km2
(83.26 mi.2 )

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