Announcing the Waitrose Beach and River Clean-up

Richard Harrington By: Richard Harrington
Date posted: 16 July 2017
© Jack Versiani Holt

We’re partnering with Waitrose this year to organise hundreds of clean-up events on beaches and rivers.

Every minute,
one truckload of plastic
ends up in our oceans.
This has to stop.

MCS is partnering with Waitrose this year to organise… CleanUp

We’re running hundreds of clean-up events during our famous Great British Beach Clean weekend from Friday 15 to Monday 18 September with loads more taking place throughout the year.

Anyone can volunteer, so get involved at an event near you!

Actions you can take

  1. Download the Great British Beach Clean Report 2018
  2. Organise a beach clean
  3. Join a beach clean
  4. Visit the beachwatch website
  5. Get involved in the 'Waitrose Beach & River Clean-up'
  6. Help stop the plastic tide

Did you know?…

On UK beaches levels of litter have doubled in the past 20 years

UK seas and shores are places for leisure, sport, and holiday destination for millions annually

Every day millions of microplastics enter the sea from personal care products such as scrubs and toothpastes

Why not join a beach clean ... or organise one?

To date, our beach clean volunteers have removed 6 million pieces of litter from our beaches and collected marine litter data to support our campaigns for cleaner seas and beaches.

Learn more and join a beach clean

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