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Our wildlife is suffering, our fish stocks are dwindling and our seas and shores are being polluted. Together, we can stick up for our precious seas. There are lots of ways you can get involved, locally and nationally, and we have the tools to help you make a difference in your community and beyond. With human activity having such a detrimental effect on the state of our marine environment we are at a pivotal point in how the future will pan out. Campaign with us, joining together with others to be the voice for our seas, and support our appeals. Collectively, we’re a force that people in power can’t ignore.

Blue Shark
© Saeed Rashid

Help us protect threatened UK sharks

Sharks have been around for millions of years, but today they are in serious decline with many shark species under threat of extinction.

Donate Your Guilt bottle

Donate Your Guilt
Slipped up with single-use plastic? Help us by donating your guilt.

Wetwipes Monster
© Laura Foster

Unflushables - Wet Wipes Turn Nasty

When flushed, wipes don’t disintegrate like toilet paper and they typically contain plastics. This means once they reach the sea, they stick around for a very long time.

Gannet entangled
© Sam Hobson

Will you help us #STOPthePlasticTide?

We want to STOP plastic from entering the ocean in the first place.
Your support is essential!

More information and campaigns to get behind…

Don’t let go

Balloons sold as ‘degradable’ are known to last a number of months, even years, and pose a choking threat to wildlife at sea, and on land.

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Bottles on beach

Deposit Return Scheme

Wild bottle-sightings gathered the data, Bottles For Change highlighted the support, the rest of the UK needs to follow Scotland’s DRS lead by including drinks cans and bottles, of all sizes and materials

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Did you know?…

Every year, over 1 million people take part in our campaigns and projects

HPMA Campaign