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Salt & sansho pepper fried cornish catch of the day

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This is Japans answer to Fish and Chips! The crispy fried bones make a wonderful alternative to a chip, and the sansho pepper adds a tart taste, much like the addition of vinegar. The ingredients can easily be found in a Japanese grocery store of course, but most health shops will also stock the delicious and organic Clearspring brand of rice vinegar and soy sauce, while any oriental grocer will stock Chinese chives and white radish. Shiso cress might be harder to come by but can be replaced with mustard cress or coriander.

Cooking time   0
Fish type   White flat fish
Serves   1


1 dab (larger the better)
100g daikon white radish (shredded)
20g dipping sauce
5g tempura flour
Pinchsansho pepper
Pinchsea salt flakes
half a lime
1 purple shiso
2 chinese chives
Peanut oil or ground nut oil for deep frying
Dipping sauce 30ml soy (Japanese, not Chinese soy)
150ml dashi water
120ml rice vinegar
20g sugar
10g bonito flakes


Method: Combine the ingredients for the dipping sauce, leaving the bonito flakes suspended. Cleanly fillet the dab, so that the bone is left in one piece. Deep-fry the bones for around 2 minutes, remove with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper. Take the dab fillet and cut into 3cm chunks. Mix the tempura flour, sea salt and sansho pepper and toss the dab chunks in it. Deep-fry the dab chunks for a minute and leave on kitchen paper to drain. Presentation: Spread a handful of shredded daikon on the serving plate and place the fish-bone frame on top of it. Arrange the pieces of the fried dab fillet in the centre of the fish-bone frame Sprinkle two pinches of sansho pepper over the fish and garnish with two wedges of lime, purple shiso cress and Chinese chives. Serve with a small bowl of the dipping sauce.


Deep-fry the dab chunks for a minute and leave on kitchen paper to drain as per preparation instructions.