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Seared Sole with Chicken & Miso Mousse

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Picture of Seared Sole with Chicken & Miso Mousse
Cooking time   120
Fish type   White flat fish
Serves   10


Seared Sole
20 x single sole fillets
200g Miso mousse
50ml Pomace oil
50ml Butter
50ml lime juice

Dashi butter sauce
50g Sliced Shallots
5g Crushed Garlic
100ml white wine
50ml Double Cream
200ml Hon-Dashi stock (from braised shallot liquor)
2 x lime leaves
30g Coriander stalks
1 x star anise

10 x Spring onion
300g Edamame Beans
50ml Olive oil
6g Nori Paper
4g Sea Salt
10 x Sole skins

Chicken & Miso mousse
300g chicken breast (cleaned)
100g Miso Paste
Dashi Braised Shallot
5 x Banana shallot
200ml Hon. dashi stock


Seared Sole:
1. Clean fillets, pipe 20g of miso mousse on to 5 fillets & place the opposite fillet directly on top as a sandwich & press firmly,chill immediately.
2. Dress with pomace oil & seal one side until coloured, finish with butter & lime juice, chill immediately.


For Dashi butter sauce
Saute shallots & garlic with no colour, add white wine and reduce by one third, repeat with the stock. Add cream, star anise, lime leaves & coriander stalks & reduce by one third. Clingfilm & allow to infuse for 30 mins. Strain through a fine chinois & chill. NB: When finishing: reheat in pan, remove from stove & whisk in butter until emulsified, do not allow to go cold.

For Dashi Braised Shallot
Peel & slice in half (length-ways), blowtorch cut side until blackened. Place in vac-Pac bag with dashi stock & seal tightly. Cook in the steamer at 85c until cooked (approx 1 hour). Strain & keep liquor for butter sauce. Remove centre of charred shallot (see picture).

For Crispy Sole skins
Scrape skins of all debris, rinse thoroughly, season lightly with salt & dehydrate until crisp. Cut into 3cm squares & fry as crackling until crispy. Drain and fold through salt and nori crumb.