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Sustainable Hake, Sorrel Sauce & summer vegetables

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Picture of Sustainable Hake, Sorrel Sauce & summer vegetables
Cooking time   20
Fish type   White round fish
Serves   4


4 x Hake fillets, Scaled but with skin.
250g Baby Leeks
100g Leeks
200g Shallots
150g Sorrel
150g Parsley
150ml White wine
30ml White wine vinegar
100ml Double cream
100g fresh peas
100g broad beans
200g Jersey royals
2 red onions
Nasturtium leaves
100g Radishes
Edible flowers to garnish


Blanch the baby leeks & broad beans in salted boiling water and add the peas for the last minute, refresh in iced water and drain. Blanch the Jersey Royals until cooked through and refresh in iced water, leave to dry. Cut the leek into 4, on the angle and cut the onions in half lengthways - dry fry both until blacked on 1 side- place on an over tray with a little oil.


For the sauce, finely dice the shallots and sweat off in a little butter, add the white wine vinegar and white wine and cook out for 2 minutes on a rolling boil, add the sorrel, parsley and cream and blitz- preferably in a blender but a soup blitzer will do, pass through a strainer to remove the bits. Place the onion and leeks in the oven to roast. Crush the Jersey royals and either saute in a pan with oil, or drop into a fryer until golden brown and crispy. Take the hake and rub the skin the same way the scales go- this will close the pockets and stop it shrinking, pat the skin dry and lightly oil, place into a stone cold pan skin side down, and place another pan, or something of a similar weight, on top of the fish. Place on a high heat and leave for 5 minutes. Whilst the fish is cooking warm the sauce back up. Heat vegetables through in a pan with butter, and plate up with the potatoes, remove the layers of onion and place one at 11 o’clock, with the burnt leek at 7 o’clock. Once the fish is looking crispy turn it once and once only. Remove to rest for a minute before plating. Finish the dish with the sauce and the nasturtium leaves and edible flowers. Serve with a cool glass of white!