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This is a combination of two of the best known sensual foodstuffs on the planet. Chocolate and oysters. Tastes like salted caramels.

Cooking time   0
Fish type   Shellfish
Serves   2


Oysters (farmed Native or Pacific)
Dark Chocolate
Butter or coconut oil
Agave Syrup (or honey)
Season to taste with chilli pepper or nutmeg if you fancy it.


Take as many oysters as you desire and shuck onto an oven proof grill tray to prevent tipping and spillage of the liquor. Choose oysters with a good meat to shell ratio and that are known for a sweet bite - for example Porthilly Rock Oysters from Cornwall. Melt equal amounts of butter or coconut oil and dark chocolate using a bain marie set up, stir in agave syrup to sweeten. Do this to your own taste but do not over do it as the creamy glycogen that makes up the body of the oyster is a sugar and they have a sweetness to them.


Preheat oven to Gas Mark 6. Add a teaspoonful of the mixture to each oyster and bake for approximately 4 minutes or until the oyster liquor is steaming, the gills have curled up and the body has firmed up. (this depends on the size of the oyster and the thickness of the shell) but these are the general rules.