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Smoked haddock and leek rarebit

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This recipe uses Eider stout, from the Seabird-inspired range of ales. 10p from the sale of each bottle in this range is donated to the Marine Conservation Society, so while you are enjoying this dish you are also supporting MCSs amazing work. Smoked fish, leeks, beer and strong cheese are a match made in heaven and this recipe is very rich and comforting. It also tastes fabulous with crusty bread and the left-over beer!

Cooking time   45
Fish type   White round fish
Serves   2


350-400g (12-14oz) natural smoked haddock
1x large leek, cut into thin rings
75ml (2.5floz) Eider stout,From The Notebook
150g (5oz) very strong cheddar cheese, grated
1 tbsp plain flour mixed thoroughly with half tsp English mustard powder
Few drops of Worcestershire sauce
3 tbsp double cream
1x egg yolk
Freshly ground white pepper (or black if you do not have any white)
Crusty bread to serve


Place the fish into a steamer, cook for 3-4mins. Remove any skin and bones but keep the fish as whole as possible. Then add the leeks to the steamer and cook for 4 minutes, remove and set aside for later. If you do not have a steaming pan, then wrap the smoked haddock in tinfoil and bake for 10-12minutes in the oven at 190c, Gas 5. Pop the leeks in a pan with a couple of tablespoons of water, place the lid on it and steam on a gentle heat for 10-12 minutes, or until softened, and strain off any excess water. Mix the beer into the flour and mustard gradually to form a smooth mixture. Add this and the cheese to a pan, heat very slowly until the cheese melts and beat thoroughly to form a smooth sauce. Remove from the heat and add the cream, pepper, Worcestershire sauce and egg yolk.


Heat the grill on its highest setting. Place the leeks in a flame proof container, e.g. a small quiche dish and place the smoked haddock on top. Pour the sauce on and heat under the grill until brown and bubbling. Serve with the crusty bread.