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Razor clams with garlic, lemon and Welshman's caviar

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Picture of Razor clams with garlic, lemon and Welshman's caviar

Razor clams are fantastic! Such lovely meaty texture I cannot get enough of them. This is just a very quick simple recipe combining classic flavours of lemon and garlic with a touch of laver seaweed.

Cooking time   0
Fish type   Shellfish
Serves   4


1 kg of Razor clams
100g of butter
5 cloves of garlic
3 lemons
Sprinkle of Welshmans Caviar


5 Minutes


Heat a heavy based frying pan and add the butter and clams. Once it begins to sizzle add the garlic and lemon juice (from 2 lemons). As soon as the clams open they are ready to eat so be sure to take them off the heat as soon as possible otherwise they will overcook and get a little rubbery. Serve in a large bowl, sprinkle on top some Welshmans Caviar and slice the remaining lemon into wedges and place on top. Happy eating!