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Baked crab with brown crab butter

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Picture of Baked crab with brown crab butter

Skippers Tip - use the brown crab as butter on the toast then top with a generous spoon full of the creamy crab mixture and enjoy.

Cooking time   30
Fish type   Shellfish
Serves   2


Crab mixture 30-35g of finely chopped onion
15g to 20g of butter
2 and a half teaspoons of lemon juice
Half teaspoon of mustard
Half teaspoon of horseradish
85ml of double cream
220g of white crab meat
45g grated cheese
30g bread crumbs
Small amount of chopped parsley
Salt and pepper
Brown crab butter Brown crab meat from one crab
Double cream (amount depends on consistence of the brown meat - down to personal taste)
Half teaspoon horseradish cream


Saute the onions in the butter till nice and soft but not coloured. Then add the mustard, horseradish and lemon juice, Stir together while adding the cream. When the sauce is combined add the white crab meat and stir in, and warm through. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste if required. For the brown crab butter, place the brown crab meat into a food processor with the cream of horseradish and turn on. While blending add the double cream until the required consistence is reached. I like a thick mayonnaise consistency. Serve with warm granary toast.


Place the mixture in the clean crab shell and bake in the oven for 8 minutes at 180 degrees C. While that is cooking mix together the cheese, breadcrumbs and parsley. When the crab is cooked remove from the oven and cover the baked crab with the breadcrumb mixture and place under a hot grill until golden.