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The definitive guide to sustainable seafood from the Marine Conservation Society. Download the MCS Good Fish Guide App for FREE now from the Apple App store and Google play store!

This App tells you which fish are good to eat, along with some suggested recipes for cooking them, and which to avoid based on whether they come from well-managed, sustainable stocks or farms.

Restaurants and caf├ęs that serve seafood are also rated allowing diners to make an informed choice when booking a table. The app (created for MCS by mobile app developers Brightec) includes almost every fish you could hope to find in UK shops, restaurants and markets, allowing you to make the best seafood choices.

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Did you know?…

Over 3,000 sq km of our seabed is now protected from bottom-towed gear

6,500 fishing boats in the UK catch up to 150 different species, but most people in the UK only eat 5

21.7 million tonnes of wild caught fish are not for people to eat; almost 75% of this is to feed farmed fish

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