Spurdog, Spiny Dogfish, Dogfish, Rock Salmon or Flake

Squalus acanthias

Method of production — Caught at sea
Capture method — Demersal otter trawl
Capture area — North East Atlantic (FAO 27)
Stock area — Cornwall
Stock detail — 7e, 7f, 7g, 7h
Picture of Spurdog, Spiny Dogfish, Dogfish, Rock Salmon or Flake

Sustainability rating five info

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Spurdog (spiny dogfish, dogfish, rock salmon or flake) are sharks. In the North Atlantic female dogfish grow to a maximum total length of 110-124 cm, males 83-100 cm. In the Northwest Atlantic spurdog mature at around 60 cm total length and at an age of 6 years for males and at around 75 cm, at an age of 12 years for females. In the Northeast Atlantic females are reported to mature slightly larger and older at 83 cm total length and 15 years. Gestation or pregnancy lasts between 18 and 22 months, one of the longest recorded for any vertebrate, and they give birth to live young called ‘pups’. The fecundity of spurdog increases with length, and females of 100-120 cm produce a higher number of pups (10-21) than those females below this length. Spurdog forms size and sex-specific schools.

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