Shark, Blue

Prionace glauca

Method of production — Caught at sea
Capture method — All applicable methods
Capture area — North East Atlantic (FAO 27)
Stock area — Cornwall
Stock detail — 7e, 7f, 7g, 7h
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Sustainability rating five info

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Blue sharks are fast oceanic predators that specialise in feeding on mackerel and other pelagic fish and squid, although there is evidence they are opportunistic and do occasionally feed nearer the seabed on demersal species and occasionally eat sea birds. Blue sharks are long lived and females will give birth to up to 135 pups in a litter after a 9- 12 month gestation period.

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Criterion score: 1 info

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Criterion score: 1 info

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Criterion score: 0.5 info


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