Prawn, Endeavour, Greasy back

Metapenaeus spp

Method of production — Caught at sea
Capture method — Beam trawl
Capture area — Eastern Indian Ocean (FAO 57)
Stock area — All Areas
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The greasyback shrimp is a species of the penaeid family. They are widely distributed throughout the Indo-West Pacific at in marine and estuarine environments. They are found at depths of 18 to 64 metres over muddy, sandy and silty substrates. Habitat is an important driver of the greasyback shrimp’s migration and occurrence. The greasyback shrimp are known for their high growth rates, high fecundity rates. They can reproduce throughout the year, but their reproduction is very complex and is affected by environmental conditions (including rainfall, temperature, and water depth). They grow to a maximum total length 132 mm (females) and 159 mm (males) and have a short lifespan of around 16 months - 2 years. The greasyback shrimp are omnivores.

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