Lobster, squat

Galathea strigosa

Method of production — Caught at sea
Capture method — Pot or creel
Capture area — North East Atlantic (FAO 27)
Stock area — UK
Stock detail — All Areas
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The family Galatheidae or squat lobsters resemble lobsters but the abdomen is firmly tucked under the thorax and are more closely related to hermit and true crabs. In European waters there are 12 species of squat lobsters. G. strigosa is our most common squat lobster and is the only one with blue ‘marbled’ pigmentation. It is very common in the North East Atlantic, from the Canary Islands to northern Norway. It can attain a length of over 100mm. Nocturnal, hiding in crevices and under stones during day-time, coming out at night to find food.

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Often obtained as a by-catch in crab and lobster pots.


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