Seasearch is a project for volunteer sports divers who have an interest in what they’re seeing under water, want to learn more and want to help protect the marine environment around the coasts of Britain and Ireland.

The main aim is to map out the various types of sea bed found in the near-shore zone around the whole of the Britain and Ireland. In addition we are recording what lives in each area, establishing the richest sites for marine life, the sites where there are problems and the sites which need protection.

Diver in Scotland
© Calum Duncan

We need the support of divers all around the Britain and Ireland to contiinue the success of the Seasearch project. You can take part on dives with your buddy, club dives or on Seasearch organised dives and expeditions. You can Seasearch your favourite dive sites or use the project as the basis for an expedition to somewhere new. We need information for sites all around the Britain and Ireland - even if we already have some records things may have changed.

Actions you can take

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Did you know?…

MCS launched Seasearch in 2003 to train volunteer divers to record and monitor wildlife and habitats

Over 500,000 records of undersea species and habitats have been collected by volunteer Seasearch divers

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