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Seahorse Survey Course at MCS HQ

MCS to host training by the Seahorse Trust on the international methodology for studying seahorses in the wild.

Have you ever considered what makes seahorses tick, how they vanish so well in seagrass, how you find them, why the male gets pregnant, or where they live?

The Seahorse Trust will answer these any many other questions during a two day (or 8 sessions) course aimed at anyone who has an interest in seahorses and how to survey for them.

The Trust works with partners all over the world to set up an international standard method for studying seahorses in the wild to inform the relevant authorities on how to conserve and preserve their seahorse species.

At the end of the course the divers will have the knowledge to conduct seahorse surveys themselves and provide much needed information on these amazing species.

The course is designed for professional and amateur alike and is based in the classroom so there is no need to get wet whilst you learn.

Date: 11th – 12th November 2017

Location: Marine Conservation Society HQ in Ross-on-Wye

To book your place: email seahorsesurveycourse@aol.co.uk

We have an introductory offer of £199 instead of the usual £225 on a first come, first serve basis. Please book quickly to ensure a space.

A non-refundable deposit of £25 to secure your place, balance of payment due 14 days prior to start date. If you’d like a course run on different dates, get in touch and we’ll set one up for you if possible.

Actions you can take

  1. Open a .pdf showing directions to our Ross On Wye office
  2. Adopt a seahorse and support research and conservation projects
  3. Contact the Seahorse Trust

Did you know?…

We removed 568,000 pieces of litter from our coasts in one year

Over 1,000 marine wildlife sightings were reported to MCS last year

Last year, over 300 Seasearch divers spent over 8 weeks surveying underwater

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