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Please help to fight climate change - save our seagrass

The Problem

Our planet is facing a climate crisis and the impact is clear to see – floods, storms, bushfires, soaring temperatures and melting ice sheets. But a tiny plant that lives in our shallow seas could help solve some of our environmental problems – and you can help secure its future!

Seagrass is a flowering plant that lives underwater around the UK’s coast in shallow, sheltered areas. It forms marine meadows which are highly productive ecosystems and biodiversity hotspots. These beautiful, swaying, underwater meadows are home to the two species of seahorses that live in UK waters – the spiny seahorse and the short snouted seahorse – they’re also breeding grounds for cuttlefish and sharks, and nurseries for cod, plaice and pollock. But just as importantly, particularly in light of the current climate crisis, seagrass also absorbs 10% of the carbon buried in ocean sediment every year, making it a brilliant weapon in the fight to halt the warming of the planet.

The Solution

A donation today to our ‘save our marine meadows’ appeal will help us install advanced moorings to replace traditional, damaging anchoring methods and allow seagrass around the south coast of England to recover.

Help us to fight the climate crisis – your support really does matter