Cool Seas Webinars

Webinars will be available via Zoom at the times listed below and will last approximately 30-45 minutes - you must pre-register in advance.

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Recordings for previous sessions can be found on our YouTube Channel.

The National Geographic ‘Sea to Source; Ganges Expedition’

Wednesday 8th July, 12-12:45pm approx.

Best Suited to: 14-16 years.

The second of a two part series featuring Dr Imogen Napper, Marine Scientist and MCS Sea Champion Volunteer. Dr Napper is an expedition scientist on the National Geographic ‘Sea to Source; Ganges Expedition’. As the microplastic lead, Imogen is investigating microplastics in a major river system. The data collected will help us to better understand the movement of plastic through a river and the repercussions it can have. In this session, Dr Napper will introduce her work as part of this project and there will be a live Q&A. This session may be of particular interest to young people considering a career in STEM.

Marine ecosystems and Climate Change

Thursday 9th July, 11-11:45am approx

Best suited to 14-16 years

Led by Lauren Cooke, MCS Sea Champion Volunteer and Education Officer for ZSL London Zoo, this session will introduce and explore key impacts of climate change on marine ecosystems. We’ll look at trophic levels, key threats; including global warming and the associated impacts, and we’ll identify ways we can all take action on climate change and make a difference to the health of our ocean.