How your money helps

Cool Seas Fundraising

As a charity, our work relies on generous donations and the fundraising of individuals, groups and businesses. All money raised for MCS is used to protect our seas, shores and wildlife.

Contributing to fundraising activities involves the development and direct application of 21st century learner attributes, like cooperation, communication and global citizenship.

Through taking part in a fundraising activity, young people are empowered to take direct action to improve and protect their environment and encouraged to be positive future citizens of a changing world. Furthermore, fundraising is fun and supports a sense of community spirit in your school.

Whether organising a Big Blue Day, where students could, for example, pay a nominal fee to wear blue clothes for the day, bake blue cakes for a cake sale and take part in other 'blue' activities; joining our annual Plastic Challenge or devising your own fundraising activity, there are heaps of resources available to support the planning and organisation of your event. Visit our fundraising page to find out more and see how your class or school can get involved and really contribute to the fight to save our seas.

Big Blue Day Group


Big Blue Cupcakes