Beach Clean Kids

Beach cleaning as part of the Cool Seas Investigators: Beachwatch project.


Cool Seas Beach Cleans

Beach litter is one of the biggest concerns for our marine environment. As well as being unsightly and unpleasant, litter poses a threat to marine wildlife, which may ingest or become entangled in litter.

We've been collecting data for over 20 years now through our national beach clean and survey programme, Beachwatch.

Data collected by our volunteers gives us an idea of litter patterns around the UK and is used to inform the public and influence industry and Government policy-makers.

Beach Clean Girl

Being a Citizen Scientist – completing the Beachwatch Litter Survey.


Taking part in a beach clean and survey event is an excellent way of encouraging your students to connect with their local environment, take community responsibility and enjoy the great outdoors.

Whether you're joining an organised event, or taking your class or group along to the beach yourself, there's heaps of learning and fun to be had, and we have free resources available to help you organise your trip.

There's even our fabulous, Teach on the Beach teaching resource to inspire you with ideas for activities to run on the day. Full details of how to prepare for your trip, including safety tips are also included.

We have events all year, and a yearly flagship event the Great British Beach Clean, where thousands of volunteers clean hundreds of beaches. Great British Beach Clean is held on the 3rd weekend of September every year.

To find out more about the event, or to learn how to organise your own beach clean, check out our Beachwatch website and download our Teach on the Beach booklet from our Cool Seas Explorer Centre Teachers' Zone.

Children's University

Learning destination logoWe are a Children's University Learning Destination. To earn your passport stamp, download the Fun at the Beach activity sheet and complete at least two of the activities, as well as the beach clean at a Great British Beach Clean event. Fill in your details, take a photo of your sheet and email it to us at to get your certificate and stamp.