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Make it the final straw and stop sucking today

Since a video appeared on YouTube showing a distressed turtle having a straw extracted from its nostril, the writing’s been on the wall for the single-use plastic straw.

We want to see a reduction in single use plastic. So we are challenging YOU to refuse the straw!

Army of plastic straws

You can help make it the final straw by downloading our poster (PDF) and by sharing our animation on social media

Emma Cunningham,
Senior Pollution Campaigns Officer

For an item we often use for just a few minutes – that’s even less time than a single-use carrier bag or a plastic take-away cup – plastic straws really do suck.

So we are challenging YOU to help stop the sucking!

If you’re a business – stop handing them out, unless it’s absolutely necessary.
Download our business straw guide.

If you’re a consumer - just say no, because you just don’t need it and you’ll be doing the oceans a massive favour!
Download our consumer straw guide.

The good news is that some leading bars and restaurants have already made a move against straws

The question is – who’ll be next? The pressure is on other pub, restaurant, fast food and cinema chains to follow suit as well as smaller outlets, all of whom, for many years, have been handing out plastic straws like there’s no tomorrow - sadly for some marine creatures a straw in the gullet means quite literally there has been no tomorrow.

Girl with straw in nose © Guy Farrow / Daughter

Download the graphic above to share on social media:

Actions you can take

  1. Download the Great British Beach Clean Report 2019
  2. Download our straw poster
  3. Share #stopsucking
  4. Download straw graphic for cafe/bar counter

Did you know?…

Every year, volunteers give us over 1,000 days of their time

MCS first launched the Good Beach Guide in 1987 as a book to highlight the woeful state of the UK’s bathing waters

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is thought to be 6 times the size of the UK