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Individual actions for reducing plastics

Single-use plastic occurs in all of our lives, in all sorts of forms. Whilst completely removing all of it would be very hard, you can go a long way to reduce your individual consumption with some simple changes. You can see how much of an impact single-use plastics have on your daily life by taking the MCS Plastic Challenge.

Below are some simple ways you can reduce the amount of single-use plastic you use.

Plastic bags
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  1. Refuse straws in bars and restaurants when out and about - take on The MCS last straw challenge
  2. Use a reusable coffee cup (E.g. MCS china mug )
  3. Use a reusable water bottle (download the refill app )
  4. Bring a packed lunch to work, avoid clingfilm and use reusable containers for sandwiches, an old ice cream container is a good alternative
  5. Use reusable bags when shopping, remember to take them, leave some in the car
  6. Refuse plastic bags or wrapping
  7. Take part in the MCS plastic challenge
  8. Organise a work place plastic challenge over a day and raise funds at the same time
  9. Take part in a MCS Beachwatch survey
  10. Join MCS - we are a charity and need support to continue our vital work
  11. Visit the plastic-free living section on the MCS shop for more ideas of more environmentally friendly alternatives. From bamboo toothbrushes to beeswax wraps.

Reducing plastics for your business

Actions you can take