Reducing plastic tips for events

Marine plastic Pollution Checklist for Events (With thanks to active 360 and friends)

Fistral event
© Richard Harrington
  1. Water refills readily available and advertised for reusable bottles

  2. Bottled water is not sold at the event

  3. Loose balloons filled with helium are not used and any balloons are tied down. Find out more about balloon releases

  4. Plastic promotional materials are generally not used unless something high value unlikely to be discarded

  5. No plastic cutlery is used - replaced with wooden/compostable/edible where necessary

  6. No styrofoam (polystyrene) containers or cups used

  7. No plastic straws are used and paper straws only on request or left out for people to take

  8. Drinks are sold in cans or glass bottles - not plastic ones

  9. No single-use plastic cups are used and these are replaced where appropriate with polycarbonate or steel reusable with deposits charged

  10. Food containers are compostable or as a minimum recyclable

  11. Hot drinks are discounted when you bring a reusable cup

  12. Flyers and handouts are minimised by use of reusable banners

  13. Bins around the event always have capacity and are emptied before being completely full to avoid overflowing

  14. Wheelie bins are tied / strapped down to ensure contents stay inside e.g.with binstrap

  15. After the event rubbish is removed promptly to avoid spillage

  16. Areas near the event are checked and cleared of litter during and after the event

  17. The event includes activities to increase awareness of marine plastic pollution and the need to reduce single use plastic ( e.g. on water litter picking)

  18. Reusable coffee cups and water bottles on sale

  19. No plastic bags are given out without a charge and where possible reusable bags are sold or ideally paper bags are used or natural fabric bags sold.

  20. Plastic cable ties are not used to fix up event posters

  21. The event includes activities to raise awareness of marine plastic pollution 22. Receptacles provided for cigarette butts and chewing gum e.g. Zilch micro-bins

We would like to thank Nature Travels for supporting the production of this guide.

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