Know Your Poos and Don'ts

Know Your Poos and Don'ts

We’ve created a suite of simple pollution messages that would drive home our central idea: wherever you are in the country, in the city, at home or on the beach your actions have an impact on rivers, beaches and the sea.

Many organisations already advocate the various actions people can take to reduce litter and improve water quality in their area. These creative messages available to download, are intended to build upon and consolidate the messages already being promoted, by providing a consistent message across the many organisations involved in the Marine Litter Action Network and beyond. If you would like to download and use them, please follow our ‘Brand Guidelines’.

Five fun graphics have been created and we will be releasing a new graphic at certain times of the year.

Don’t cause a stink, be nice to your sink

Poos and Don'ts

Fats, oils and grease can cause major problems in pipes, drains and sewers. This waste congeals to form blockages which can lead to flooding and pollution in our seas. Worse still, any flushed wet wipes team up with fats, oils and greases to make fatbergs, some as big as a double-decker bus! Pour used fats, oil and grease into a separate pot, allow to cool and dispose of in the bin.

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C’mon confess who hangs dog mess

Poos and Don'ts

Dog waste adds harmful bacteria and nutrients to local waters, when it’s not disposed of properly. It might not seem like a water quality problem, but animal waste is one of the many seemingly small sources of pollution that can add up to big problems for water quality, and even human health. Dog mess should always be put in the bin whether you’re in the country, in the town or at the beach.

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Things have got drastic, there’s an army of plastic

Poos and Don'ts

Cutlery, trays and straws are often found in the top ten of our beach litter finds, coming from people leaving it at the beach but also from far inland. From here, it washes down drains, into our rivers and streams and then into our seas. However, reducing the number of straws found at the beaches is really simple, and you can help.

We want to see a reduction in single use plastic. So we are challenging YOU to refuse the straw!

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Using our downloadable images?

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Actions you can take

  1. Share #stopsucking
  2. Download straw graphic for cafe/bar counter
  3. Download the Great British Beach Clean Report 2017
  4. Refuse straws at your local restaurant/bar

Did you know?…

MCS first launched the Good Beach Guide in 1987 as a book to highlight the woeful state of the UK’s bathing waters

Stop the plastic tide

Support our appeal to turn the tide on plastics.

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