Our Good Fish Guide tells you how sustainable different fish are depending on how and where they’ve been caught or farmed. Many species can be a great choice (green rated) or a terrible choice (red rated) depending on these factors, so it pays to know your fish! Search our Good Fish Guide to see the best and worst options for the seafood you’re interested in.

By adding your name to our pledge, you commit to avoid eating red rated seafood. You are also showing your support for businesses to remove red rated fish from sale and for governments to reduce pressure on at-risk species by addressing the underlying issues of red rated seafood. We need you! Sign our pledge and follow our top tips to help us ensure a healthy ocean for years to come.

By adding my name to this Pledge, I am committing to avoiding eating red rated seafood. I am also showing my support for businesses and governments to do more to remove red rated fish from sale or to improve the status of red rated seafood.

Red rated fish are the least sustainable seafood options and represent the greatest risk to our seas due to: overfishing, habitat damage or other unsustainable practices and urgent action is needed to address these issues

Say no to RED RATED

You have the power to protect the ocean. Add your voice to our pledge to show governments and businesses you want red rated fish off the menu.

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