Top Tips

The way we eat seafood is unsustainable, check out our top tips below to help you avoid eating Red-Rated seafood!

1. Use the Good Fish Guide

Download the app or check the website for up to date advice on sustainable seafood.

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2. Choose friendly fishing methods

Choose fish caught using methods with a lower environmental impact like handline, pole and line, pot or trap or dive caught. Or if you’re a seafood aficionado, from fisheries using best practices to reduce discards and habitat impacts.

3. Know your sustainable swaps

There’s a wide range of sustainable seafood options out there and sometimes the most popular species aren’t the best choice. Please click here for further info about the status of popular species and swaps. Fish Swap

4. Know your labels

Look for credible eco-labels on packs or menus like MSC, ASC and organic. Fish Ratings

5. Look and ask questions

Where and how fish has been caught or farmed can make a big difference to its sustainability. If you can’t get the info you need, give it a miss.

The more people who make this Pledge, the more support we know we have to call for action from businesses and governments. Thank you for your support.