Triple the impact of your plastic-free efforts! You can do all sorts of things to further the reach of your Plastic Challenge journey – get some help and inspiration from our free online resources.

Introduce your class or school to the environmental impacts of single-use plastics using our free, downloadable resources. Young people will reflect on their own use of plastic and ways to reduce it as they set their own Plastic Challenge goals.

Download the education resources from our Coolseas Discovery Centre.

Whether at home or at school, there are all sorts of activities students could take part in to spread the single-use plastic message.

They could take part in a single-use plastic-free:

• lunchtime

• picnic

• cooking lesson

• afternoon tea

• barbecue

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This is your chance to make a real difference

Why not create a fundraising page and get sponsored for the month?

Whether you challenge yourself to give up all single-use plastic in July or make a few smaller changes, you’ll be surprised with how many people will be ready to sponsor you for a good cause. Your challenge might also inspire others to set their own plastic-free goals - then you’ll have helped stop even more plastic from ending up in our oceans.

Online Giving

Both JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving make it easy for you to set up an online fundraising page. Don’t forget to share it on social media and spread the message far and wide. Please sign up online and follow their simple step-by-step instructions to set up a profile.

Download our handy online booklet for our top tips on starting your plastic-free journey.

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Use our handy checklist of suggestions to help set your own Plastic Challenge goals for the month.

Even by just taking on one of these challenges you’ll be making a big difference. You could even go all-in and try to take them all on if you’re up to it.

Click here to get the checklist.

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Need some further suggestions?

We have a great space to share all your tips and ideas. Join in the conversation on our expanding Facebook page.

Not only will you be helping others with their Plastic Challenge goals in July, we will also feature some of the groups’ best tips and suggestions!

Download our Plastic Challenge poster.

Ask to display it in the window of a local business or download and use it to spread the word digitally, on social media or through email.