Blue Shark
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Help protect 40% of English seas

It’s your last chance to give our magnificent marine wildlife the protection it deserves.

The government is running a consultation to decide whether 41 sites in English seas will get much–needed protection. You are one click away from telling our government that these sites are vital to safeguard our precious marine wildlife.

If we don’t take action, more than 60% of our seas could be left without protection.

This is an opportunity we can’t afford to miss!

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Let the government know they must protect our ocean and marine wildlife before it’s too late.

Use this form to send a letter to the UK government. You will have a chance to review the e-mail before you send it.

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Marine Conservation Zones are places that are crucial to ocean health and marine species which, until now, have had little or no protection from damaging activities.

Magnificent animals such as humpback whales, angelsharks, undulate rays, puffins and dolphins are just a few of the species that live in the 41 proposed areas. Explore the proposed sites by clicking on the image below.

When properly managed, Marine Conservation Zones can give marine wildlife a space to live, breed and feed. Protecting their homes helps our ocean recover from all the harm we cause.

This is the third and final round of three consultations to create Marine Conservation Zones in English waters.

In the second round our supporters helped us submit half of all responses received by the government which secured protection for all 23 sites proposed.

We can do it! But we must act quickly – the consultation ends soon.

Your response to the consultation will be vital to ensure we are doing our part to protect our blue planet and the animals that live in it.

Actions you can take