Speak up for Welsh seas this World Wildlife Day

Ocean bay view, Wales

With just two months to go until the Senedd’s election, we’re calling for Welsh ocean enthusiasts to speak up for our seas this World Wildlife Day (March 3)

We’re calling on our Wales based supporters to ask their election candidates to prioritise them in the run up to May 6.

As the home of some of our most iconic species including the bottlenose dolphin, harbour porpoise and the grey seal, the importance of our seas cannot be emphasised enough. Covering 30,000km2, the sea managed by the Welsh Government is actually a third bigger than the land area. Our seas have the power to contribute significantly towards our social, economic and environmental recovery and it is vital that they are protected.

If our oceans are to be healthy, we need better management of all seas with a strong emphasis on sustainability. We also need a significant reduction in marine plastics and pollution. With environmental issues higher on the public’s agenda than ever, we want you to show current and prospective Members of the Senedd (MS) that ocean recovery is a key voting priority.

Together, we can call on those who will form the next Welsh Government to take the action that is so desperately needed to secure sustainable seas for generations to come.

Here’s how you can help:

Find your prospective MS

For this election, there will be candidates for each constituency as well as the five regions of Wales. Take the time to seek out those who are campaigning for votes in your area. With this election set to be one of the most contentious yet, every vote really does count. Talk to your election candidates about the issues that you are passionate about. If you want to talk to them about marine issues but are unsure where to start, you can download our bold oceans manifesto.

Use your voice

Whether it’s by email, social media or post, you can contact your election candidates whichever way suits you best. The majority, if not all, of candidates will be pretty active on social media so tweeting or direct messaging them may be the best way to get an imminent response. Whichever way you choose to contact them, you’ll be helping to show that their commitment to our seas matters.

Respond to party manifestos

The priorities of each party, environmental and otherwise, will be outlined in their manifestos. Read each party’s manifesto to help you decide which one represents you and your interests’ best. If you see something within a manifesto that you particularly agree or disagree with, tell your local representatives! Don’t forget that as a voter, you hold a powerful influence and will be making a difference with every action you undertake.

Vote on May 6

If you haven’t registered to vote yet, you can do so here until the 19th of April. In a historic move for Wales, 16- & 17-year-olds can vote for the first time in this election. Young people represent our future and it is important that their voices are heard loud and clear. Whether you’re within this age category or know someone who is, make sure that the candidates know that their words and actions impact us all.

If you live in Scotland then be sure to check out the Ocean Recovery Plan for Scotland