Seaspiracy: a sea of questions, with answers from our experts

Written by Gareth Cunningham, Head of Fisheries and Aquaculture

We knew that the recent film, Seaspiracy, would raise questions about our ocean and how to protect it. That’s why we prompted you to ask us questions – and promised answers. I’ll be back later this week with more specific answers to individuals’ questions, but for now wanted to say the below.

Ocean waves

We welcome anyone and everyone who is fighting for the health and recovery of our ocean. We’re a science led and solutions driven organisation – so we’re not anti-fishing, or anti-aquaculture, we’re pro-ocean, pro-conservation, pro-sustainable seafood.

We encourage those who include fish and seafood in their diets – a huge 97% of UK households – to choose options that support best practice methods and cause the least environmental damage possible.

While there are 2 billion people around the world dependent on seafood as their primary source of animal protein, over 90% of global fish stocks are fully fished or overexploited. That’s why it’s absolutely critical that we drive people – consumers, restaurants, retailers, those who work within the industry – to the Good Fish Guide.

We believe that by meeting people where they are, we have a far better chance of improving the bad, unsustainable practices, supporting the good practices and ultimately restoring our ocean.