Homeschooling activities with Common Seas


Whether your children are learning at home, or you’re looking for some after school fun, we are joining forces with Common Seas throughout March to inspire a new wave of young sea champions.

Each week we’ll share an inspiring video and fun activity to help young people learn, explore and take action for the ocean.

Week 1: The ocean and us

Week 2: Caring for the coast (wherever you are!)

Week 3: Plastic Investigators

Week 4: Film finale

Too excited to wait? Dive into our ocean activities today! We have a wide range of resources to support learning at home and at school. Learn about our amazing ocean our Cool Seas Explorer Centre and visit Home School with Common Seas to find out what you can do to keep it clean and healthy.

Join in on Twitter and Instagram and share the fun by tagging @CommonSeas @mcsuk and using the hashtag #YoungSeaChampions

Activities are best suited to 7-11 year olds but makes a great family resource as well

Week 1 - The ocean and us


It’s week 1 of #YoungSeaChampions and we’re starting at the beginning… our connection to the ocean. This week is all about understanding what the ocean does for us, and what we can do for the ocean in return.

Watch our short animation ‘What did the ocean ever do for us?’ to find out how the ocean affects our lives. Then hop on over to the Commons Seas Home School and use the Sea Champion Pledge activity to help your children understand what they can do to help keep the ocean clean and healthy. Remember to share your pledge posters with us on social media!

Week 2 Caring for the coast (wherever you are)

Girl beach cleaning with litter picker

For our second week of #YoungSeaChampions we want to talk about a load of old rubbish… literally. Plastic is a huge and important part of our lives. Unfortunately, plastic waste poses a very real threat to marine species. We’re drowning in 220 million tons of plastic waste every year. Only 15% of this is recycled and a shocking 40% ends up in our environment.

This week Home School with Common Seas brings you Plastic Threats - an activity to help you and your family explore the wonders of the ocean and the impacts of marine plastics by creating your own ocean diorama. Remember to tag us in your photos so we can see your incredible creations.

Then, join Catherine Gemmell, our Scotland Conservation Officer, on a virtual beach clean. You’ll learn about marine litter, how to become an Ocean Optimist and what we can all do to look after the sea no matter where we live.

Week 3 - Plastic Investigators

Plastic bags

It’s week 3 of #YoungSeaChampions and time to investigate plastic waste at home!

Last week we talked about why plastic pollution is such a big problem, and watched a beach clean to find out more about the types of litter polluting our shores. This week, we’re going to investigate plastic waste at home and start to think how we can cut out plastic waste for good.

Some of the plastic products and packaging in our home are designed to be used just once and aren’t easily recycled. These are problem plastics.

The Home School with Common Seas activity, Problem Plastic Treasure Hunt will guide your children as they search for suspects in their own home.

And for the keen beans out there, check out our Go Plastic Free webinar for some top tips to cut your plastic use!

Week 4 - Film Finale

Animate Our Ocean

We’ve loved sharing our activities and seeing the work of your #YoungSeaChampions this month. We have one final challenge, and it’s a goodie!

Now you and your families know all about our wonderful ocean and the problems of plastic pollution, we want you to make a film about it!

The amazing animator Darren Robbie (who worked on Chicken Run and Moomin Valley) teamed up with us to bring you our Animate our Ocean webinar. It takes you and your family through everything you need to know to make your own stop motion film.

You can use the Common Seas Plastic Journey activity to support your creative process. Map the journey of a plastic bottle and use your imaginations (and our story-boards!) to turn it into an adventure!

Remember to share the fun by tagging us on Twitter/Instagram using the hashtag #YoungSeaChampions