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UK beaches and seas continue to benefit from funds raised by players of People's Postcode Lottery

Support from the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery is continuing to help MCS work towards its vision of Seas Full of Life: seas and coasts where nature flourishes and people thrive.

MCS is among hundreds of charities sharing in £66.3 million pounds raised last year by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. In 2017, MCS received an amazing £450,000 of this total part which has supported our vital marine litter work. In particular, it has helped us clean up more beaches and promote sustainable seafood to an even wider audience. The total raised by players to date has now reached well over £221million!

With support from the funding we have allocated so far, we have been able to get many thousands more volunteers out on local beaches cleaning up rubbish and finding out where the material comes from so that it can be stopped at source. Furthermore, thanks to the support from the players of People’s Postcode Lottery, our sustainable seafood advice will be seen right across the country, with new guides and mobile phone apps designed for shoppers to take to the supermarket or fish and chip shop, giving them the power to choose the most sustainable seafood.

The Marine Conservation Society is doing fantastic work to ensure that our coastline, our beaches and our seas can be enjoyed for generations to come, and most importantly can remain thriving habitats for some of the most wonderful wildlife we have. Support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery will be invaluable in helping the Society to keep our seas fit for all life, and for all of us.

Kate Humble,
MCS supporter, TV adventurer and presenter

Kate Humble, TV adventurer and presenter, says: “The thing that concerns me most is that so many people simply refuse to accept that the sea is not a bottomless resource of fish, that things can be dumped in it and will somehow magically disappear, that it can continue to be exploited the way it is now, with no ill-effects. This absolutely has to change”.

Read more about how players of People’s Postcode Lottery have helped with many UK causes below.

People’s Postcode Lottery is a charity lottery in Great Britain.

Players play with their postcodes to win cash prizes whilst raising money for charities and good causes. 50p from every £2 ticket goes directly to good causes like us.

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It’s not just players who win with People’s Postcode Lottery. 50p from every £2 ticket goes to good causes, players of People’s Postcode Lottery have raised over £205.1 Million, which is distributed to beneficiaries through the People’s Postcode Trust, Postcode Community Trust, Postcode African Trust, Postcode Animal Trust, Postcode Care Trust, Postcode Children Trust, Postcode Culture Trust, Postcode Dream Trust, Postcode Global Trust, Postcode Green Trust, Postcode Heroes Trust, Postcode Planet Trust and Postcode Sport Trust.

If you would like to play People’s Postcode Lottery, have the chance of winning big, and help to support us, then sign up here to play now or call Freephone 0808 1098765.

People’s Postcode Lottery manages multiple society lotteries promoted by different charities supporting a range of good causes.

For details on each week’s society lottery please see the Charity Draw Calendar.

Players must be 16 years or over. Only available to play with postcodes in England, Scotland and Wales. Not available in NI. Conditions apply. See Terms & Conditions. Ticket price £2 with 5 draws each month and minimum £10 payable in advance. For a full list of prizes visit Prizes.

For assistance call us on 0808-10•9•8•7•6•5 or visit Contact Us. Trading address: 76 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3BU. © 2016 Postcode Lottery Ltd.

Maximum ticket prize is 10% of draw proceeds up to £400,000. Postcode Lottery Ltd is regulated by the Gambling Commission (contact info@gamblingcommission.gov.uk) under licences 000-000829-N-102511-009 and 000-000829-R-102513-008.

Registered office: Postcode Lottery Ltd, Titchfield House, 69/85 Tabernacle Street, London, EC2A 4RR. Company reg. no. 04862732. VAT reg. no 848 3165 07.

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