Employee engagement

If you’re considering a company day out, why not get involved with an outdoor activity that is great for bonding and brilliant for the environment? MCS can offer you a volunteering opportunity that could be the start of something longer lasting.

Escape the office and get down to the beach!

Marine litter is not only unsightly and dangerous to humans but it can also harm wildlife through entanglement and ingestion.

By doing a beach clean and survey with your work colleagues, you’ll be taking part in the most influential fight against marine litter in the UK. Our MCS Pollution team uses the information gathered by volunteers to establish where the litter has come from and how it can be tackled at source.

What’s included?

To find out about costs or to book, contact us at [team.beachclean@mcsuk.org}(mailto:team.beachclean@mcsuk.org)

Actions you can take

  1. Join a beach clean
  2. Open our Strategy 2017 - 2027 .pdf
  3. Organise a beach clean
  4. Download the Great British Beach Clean Report 2017
  5. Visit the beachwatch website
  6. Read our annual reports and reviews

Did you know?…

Globally, plastic litter has reached every part of the world’s oceans

It’s estimated that one rubbish truck load of plastic litter enters the ocean every minute

MCS has a Company Membership Scheme through which businesses can support our work

Why not join a beach clean ... or organise one?

To date, our beach clean volunteers have removed 6 million pieces of litter from our beaches and collected marine litter data to support our campaigns for cleaner seas and beaches.

Learn more and join a beach clean

Stop the plastic tide

Support our appeal to turn the tide on plastics.

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