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Change for Fish – putting sustainability at the centre of the table!

Fish – a delicious and versatile inclusion on any restaurant menu, giving chefs the opportunity to get creative with this tasty, healthy choice. But there are serious impacts and threats to seafood supplies because of overfishing and habitat destruction. And if those of us who serve up fish to the public don’t act now – there could be some big gaps on the menu between the meat and vegetarian options.


Many fish populations have declined dramatically in recent decades and are struggling to recover. With almost 90 per cent of world fish stocks fully or over exploited from fishing, plus pressure from climate change and pollution, stocks need a helping hand to ensure chefs can serve up fish suppers for generations to come.

Change for Fish…

Change for Fish restaurants will be listed on our Good Fish Guide app which has been featured in the Guardian’s top 10 sustainable food apps

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Did you know?…

Farmed fish and shellfish production will have to increase by 133% by 2050 to meet projected seafood demand worldwide

The ocean sustains livelihoods and provides food for millions of people

21.7 million tonnes of wild caught fish are not for people to eat; almost 75% of this is to feed farmed fish

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