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We are proud to work with our company partners and company members and want to thank them for all they do to support MCS. We hope you will enjoy discovering more about our partners on these pages. We work with a wide range of companies and they are all united by their commitment to helping MCS towards its vision of Seas Full of Life: seas and coasts where nature flourishes and people thrive.

Businesses recognise that demonstrating social and environmental awareness as part of their strategies in today’s world can enhance brand value, improve their standing in the marketplace, and increase productivity within their workplace. We are confident becoming a partner with MCS will motivate and inspire your customers, employees, and clients.

We also know that involving people in the fight for ocean recovery is critical to achieving our mission and we have a growing network of employees and supporters who donate, volunteer, and act as advocates in support of our charity. Year on year, people take over 1 million actions to support our projects, campaigns and citizen science initiatives.

Together we are actively safeguarding the sea’s future, and if you would like to explore how your company can support us as a strategic partner or if you would like to join us as a company member to help us in that fight, please contact us today.

Our partners

MCS works with a wide range of companies, both large and small.

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Company membership

Are you looking for ways to support work of the Marine Conservation Society through your business? Our Company Membership scheme could be just the thing for you.

Cause-Related Marketing

From whisky to sun cream, jewellery to board shorts, we work with many brands.

Change for Fish

An initiative from MCS and Fish2Fork to work with restaurants
that are making efforts to improve the sustainability of their seafood.

Employee engagement

Escape the office
and get down to the beach!

Project & event sponsorship

There are many sponsorship opportunities through our projects and campaigns.

More information and campaigns to get behind…

People’s Postcode Lottery

People’s Postcode Lottery are funding two of our most important activities throughout 2017.

Find out more

One Percent for the Planet

The 1% for the planet scheme helps business contribute to charities
that make a real difference.

Find out more

World Oceans Day / Big Blue Day

Celebrate our amazing seas and marine wildlife by creating your own blue planet.

Find out more

Support MCS through the sales of your carrier bags

By working with companies through the donation of their carrier bag funds we are able to reinforce the message around the harm single use plastic bags have to our marine environment.

Discover more

Did you know?…

MCS has a Company Membership Scheme through which businesses can support our work

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