Planning your Beachwatch clean up and litter survey


There are just a few simple steps involved in organising a beach clean and survey. We recommend downloading our organiser guide: you'll find it really useful for referring back to.

1. Find a beach and register to run an event there

Volunteer adding bin bags to the pile

2. Check the tide times at your chosen beach - best to plan an event for 2 hours or more after high tide, and not on an incoming tide. Use the tides to pick a date and time for your event.

3. Contact the beach owner (often the local council, and if not they can usually help) to get permission to hold your beach clean and survey on their land.

4. While you're on the phone, find out who's responsible for collecting rubbish from the beach, and talk to them about where to leave all the extra rubbish you'll have collected. You can also ask if they have any equipment you can borrow. To help you with the equipment you may need, the Helping Hands Company have offered you a discount of their products using the code above. For a full list of whats available click here.

5. Do a risk assessment for your beach - we've got lots of tips on how to do this - just go to your beach page online and click 'Add a Risk Assessment'. You'll need to complete it on the website before you can do anything else. Visit the beach again shortly before the event to make sure it's all up to date. 6. Now you can get advertising! Add your event to the Beachwatch website, print off posters - you can even do local press releases! All the resources are here.

7. Volunteers will be signing up through our Beachwatch website - it's a good idea to log in to email them about a week in advance and remind them what to bring (suitable clothing & shoes, water, food, suncream, thick / gardening gloves) and where to meet you.

8. You're ready for the big day! Click here for a checklist of what to bring, and an idea of what to do on the day.