So you've followed all the steps and you're ready for your Beachwatch beach clean and litter survey. But what to do and bring on the day? Don't worry, this checklist will have you covered.

Things to bring:

Beach Clean Equipment

1. Your risk assessment for the beach - you should already have filled it in online but you can copy into this document to refer back to.

2. Volunteer survey forms - on which everyone will record all the litter they collect

3. A survey summary form - for you to collate all your volunteer forms, and make sure you've captured the main bits of information (how many volunteers attended, how many bin bags did you fill etc)

4. Bin bags!

5. Any beach cleaning equipment you have access to (you might be able to borrow some from the council). A good pair of gardening gloves is sufficient, but you could also bring litter pickers and bag hoops (that hold bin bags open on a windy day). You can buy all of this at a discounted rate from our friends at Helping Hand. 

6. Clipboards to lean on when recording the litter.

7. If you can, bring a first aid kit, a sharps box (for syringes and needles) and a bucket for glass and non-medical sharps. 

Now your car is full! Next step: turn up a good half hour early so you're there for your keenest volunteers and, when everyone's arrived, start the briefing