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Information regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Small, local, private, social distancing beach cleans

Now that rules across the UK allow for more time to be spent outside, we are happy for volunteers to run beach cleans and litter surveys again – but only as small, local and private events, following the simple rules below:

  1. Always follow the government, and local council rules, where you are
  2. A private event with group numbers that follow your government advice, with social distancing measures in place
  3. On distance to travel, please always follow the government, and local council rules, where you are
  4. Book these as private, closed events to avoid clashes with other beach cleans
  5. Update your risk assessment in accordance to our new safety guidelines
  6. Stay 2m apart from people other than your household
  7. Use gloves, litter pickers (if you have them) and wash your hands

To help we have updated all our resources including the health and safety guidelines and Q&A. Please do have a look at these and review the government advice before you start.

If you’ve never run a beach clean or litter survey before we’re happy to help you get started. Please give our team a call on 01989 567807 or email us at

Beachwatch organisers

There can be up to three organisers per beach section. Below will show you how many are currently signed up as one of the organisers for this survey section.

This beach currently has no organiser.
If you would like to apply to be its organiser please read our Organisers information and then register.

Upcoming beach clean events

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Which survey form did you use?

As of June 2016 we have moved to a new survey form that more closely aligns with our European colleagues, meaning we can work even more closely together in our fight against marine litter.

The main difference in the two forms is we have combined plastic with polystyrene, so you can quickly identify which form you have by looking at the first category. If it's just plastic, it's the old form; if it's plastic / polystyrene, you have the new form.

If you used our new form during your beach clean, please click on the image of it below to enter your data online.

If you used the old form, don't worry, all of the data you submit will get automatically converted and will still go into our national database to support our litter work. Click on the image below to submit your data - but for your next survey please remember to use the new form so that our data collection is standardised.

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