Cambois and North Blyth - Beachwatch event 18 Feb 2018

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Survey type: 
Beachwatch (year round)
Date & time: 
Sunday, 18 February 2018 - 10:30am - 12:30pm
Meeting location: 
Additional information: 

Join us for a clean up on Cambois Beach. We'll be meeting in the car park next to Charlton's Bar

For more up to date info including weather forecasts etc, check out our Facebook event (

We've adopted Cambois Beach as part of the Marine Conservation Society's Beach Watch initiative to help keep our beautiful coastline clear of litter and prevent it from harming marine animals.

There's two options for this beach clean:
1. Take part in the Marine Conservation Society Survey - record all the trash you remove in a marked off area
2. Free pick - fill your boots and pick up as much as you can from anywhere on the beach outside the survey area!

Debris will be sorted at the beach as we go. Categories included:
1. Hard Plastics (to be sent to TerraCycle to be made special beach plastic products)
2. Metal and Glass (to be recycled)
3. Creative Items (anything that could be used by our beach artists)
4. Hazardous Items (like dog poo or sharps to be disposed of appropriately)
5. Landfill (unfortunately not eveything can be recycled but we try our best!)

A full briefing will be given to all volunteers and all the gear you need will be provided.