East Riding of Yorkshire

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Water Quality

Annual classification

2017 Good

Today's forecast

No water quality warning issued

21 July 2018

Data provided by the Environment Agency

A quieter beach than Bridlington, Wilsthorpe is formed by a large expanse of sand with dunes and a low cliff. A good walking and fishing beach. Behind the beach is a holiday and caravan park.


Windsurfing, fishing and walking are popular here. There is an approved boat launching facility at this beach for launching pleasure craft. The beach is also used by fishermen, dog walkers and horse riders. If using this beach please be aware of vessels in the water.

Wildlife and Walks

There is a lovely walk along the beach to Bridlington or Fraisthorpe. For incredible views, walk along the coast, to the north of the beach, and reach Flamborough Head. Explore Yorkshire WTs reserve there - Flamborough Cliffs - and further around the headland is RSPBs Bempton Cliffs.

What's tested here?

Water samples are taken at this designated bathing water by the Environment Agency, during the bathing season, 15th May to 30th September.
Find out more about designated bathing waters.

High levels of bacteria in the water can indicate pollution from sewage treatment works or polluted rain water draining from the land.
Where does pollution comes from and how can you help?

Water quality can be reduced for up to 72 hours after heavy rain. Look out for temporary signs at the beach and on our website.

Annual classification

2017 Good

What does this mean?

At the end of every bathing season the water quality is classified as either:

Excellent — the highest classification meaning the water is cleanest

Good — generally good water quality

Sufficient — meets minimum standards

Poor — You are advised not to swim. The beach will stay open and an action plan should be in place to improve the water quality.

Today's forecast

No water quality warning issued

21 July 2018

Data provided by the Environment Agency
More information about potential pollution sources and improvement plans.


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Tide times

Potential hazards at this beach

Tidal cut-off Tidal cut-off
Deep shelving beach Deep shelving beach
Strong winds Strong winds

Lifeguarded locations - top five safety tips

Non-lifeguarded locations For those who can’t make it to a lifeguarded beach

For more information visit rnli.org.uk.

Facilities at Wilsthorpe

Campsite Campsite Toilets Toilets Bins Bins Slipway Slipway



There is parking available to the north of Wilsthorpe beach.

Dog restrictions


Dogs are allowed.

Beach cleaning

The beach is cleaned as required.



Dates and times

Service provided by RLNI

Daily: 1st July - 3rd September 2017

Weekends: 29th April - 21st May 2017 + 10th - 25th June 2017

May Half Term: 27th May - 4th June 2017

Please ensure you read beach notice boards for any changes to lifeguard service. Please see safety tab for more information on beach safety.