Wardie Bay Beachwatch #20

Karen Bates

All of our events are arranged in line with national and local government Covid guidance. Please ensure that you know and understand the current rules.

  • Beach stretch:

    Wardie Beach

  • Date and time:

    11 Jun 2023, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

  • Meeting point:

    the Granton Harbour Eastern Breakwater in between Wardie beach and Granton Harbour beach.

  • Capacity:

    50 volunteers - 48 spaces left

  • School friendly?


A map showing the Wardie Beach beach stretch plotted on it

In 2019 Wardie Bay Beachwatch and the Wardie Bay Wild Ones applied to SEPA for Bathing Water Quality Monitoring at Wardie Bay, and now finally for 2023, it's been granted !! It's been a long journey! We're having a party on World Ocean Day to celebrate and running this 20th Beachwatch to coincide with the Scottish Coastal Clean Up Big Beach Clean. Please join us!

Wardie Bay Beachwatch represents the hopes we have for our wider environment. We want the ocean environment to be as healthy and as protected as it can be. If we all act on a local level and take that with us into whatever we do, and ask others to do the same, we can help. Please join us to gain the beachwatch data that informs the actions of local authorities, governments, water companies and polluters. We want them to act now!

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Also worth knowing…

What to bring: We’d recommend you pack a rucksack with a few essentials like sunscreen, waterproofs, hand sanitiser, and perhaps some snacks and a drink (in a reusable bottle, of course).

What to wear: If you're picking up litter with your hands it's worth wearing a strong pair of gloves - like gardening gloves - just to make sure you're protected. Sturdy shoes are a must for protection too.

Under 16s: To comply with our insurance, volunteers under 16 will need to be accompanied by an adult who will be asked to sign a parental / guardian consent form on the day by the beach clean organiser. 

48 spaces remaining - join us on the beach whilst there’s still spaces!