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Protecting wildlife...

Saving our disappearing wildlife

Our oceans support an estimated ten million species, only three percent of which have been identified. But our rich ocean wildlife is being depleted, disappearing before we have even had the chance to learn about it. We are losing biodiversity at a rate never witnessed before, at huge cost to ourselves, and leaving a degraded environment that leaves wildlife vulnerable in the face of change.

If our oceans are to cope with what the future will throw at them, we need to act now. We need to halt the loss of biodiversity and take care of the fabric of life in our seas. We are all connected to the sea in ways we may not realise, and the health of our seas is key to a rich and productive future.

MCS wildlife protection in action

We are working to protect our precious seas and wildlife, and there are lots of ways for you to get involved. We are campaigning for marine protected areas in the UK, studying the amazing wildlife in our seas, and working on frontline conservation projects involving local people in the stewardship of their marine resources, both in the UK and abroad, with our coral reef projects.


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