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MCS is interested in hearing about your sightings of a number of different marine species - basking sharks, marine turtles and jellyfish in UK and Irish waters.

If you have seen a basking shark, marine turtle or jellyfish in UK and Irish waters, please click on the image above to report your sighting online to MCS - and please send any photographs taken during your encounter to  - these can help us with identification. Click here to find out more about basking sharks, marine turtles and our national jellyfish survey.

MCS also partners Seasearch in surveying underwater wildlife with volunteer divers - click the 'Underwater surveys' link above for more information - and we are working with the Marine Life Information Network (MarLIN) to find out more about new resident wildlife around our shores - click the 'Alien species' link above to find out more.

We also partner with the Wise Scheme which delivers training and accreditation to commercial operators that provide wildlife watching trips. Visit their website to view a list of accredited operators in your area.

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