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Who's giving you the best choice?

Our 'Supermarket Seafood Survey' uncovers how seriously UK retailers are taking sustainability - by assessing their seafood policies, sourcing, labelling and other indicators. Conducted every two years, the data for this survey was collected in 2013 using this questionnaire.  

How does your local supermarket score?

Some supermarkets have shown a real improvement. Sainsbury's and Marks & Spencer are leading the way in joint first, whilst the Co-operative comes in close second and Waitrose third. Lack of participation by some supermarkets, however, is keeping consumers in the dark when it comes to choosing sustainable seafood.

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What can you do?

  • Use this information to make informed choices about where you shop and what seafood you choose to buy.

  • See our Good Fish Guide to help you choose sustainable seafood. Or download one of our handy smartphone Apps.

  • Help MCS's work by joining or making a donation.

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