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Published - 28/11/2011

Improved sustainabilty ratings for UK restaurants driven by MCS advice

27th November 2011

Plates of seafood, copyright Marine Conservation SocietyThe restaurant-rating organisation Fish2fork has recorded an improvement in sustainability for more than forty five percent of the restaurants it surveys. Of the 443 restaurants Fish2fork has re-reviewed since the 2009 launch, 202 restaurants (45 per cent) improved their rating, 89 (20 per cent) got worse and 152 (34 per cent) remained the same in results announced today.

There are also 97 restaurants getting their first score and of these eight in the survey - including Harbour Lights, a local chippie in Falmouth - achieved the highest rating awarded so far of 4.5 blue fish. A second local chippie, The Bay Fish and Chips in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, was awarded 4 blue fish, the second highest rating, illustrating that it is perfectly possible for traditional fish and chip restaurants to match top London restaurants such as The Ivy in sustainability.

Charles Clover, founder of the Fish2fork website and author of The End of The Line, says: "To get 45 per cent of restaurants we reviewed last time improving their scores in two years is a phenomenal figure. Even though a few have slipped back, they are outnumbered more than two to one by those who have grasped that sustainability is now important to consumers of seafood.

The Marine Conservation Society is thrilled to see our advice used by Fish2Fork, and is encouraged by the effect this has had on restaurants in such a short time of operation. The overall rise in sustainability ratings for the restaurants and chains is a genuine step forward.

There are still far too many outlets offering their customers fish we consider to be unsustainable, despite the ease with which other varieties of fish can be obtained, and the obvious public interest in keeping fish in the sea for the long term future.

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